Daily topup limit

I have daily topup limit on my new card - 250 EUR/day.
I need to transfer a sum much more than 250 EUR, so I transferring 250 EUR every day.
Revolut counts 24 hours since last transaction to reset daily limit. It seems to be ok, but it’s actually not. If I can’t topup my card at same time next day, topup time shifts few hours every day.
For example I:
yesterday I topped up my account at 20:00
If I try today before 20:00 app will say Topup limit exceed, come back tomorrow.
If I try to topup after 20:00, for example 22:00, it is ok aside from I will need to topup after 22:00 the day after tomorrow.
I think it is a bug, and daily limit reset time should be calculated some other way than 24h from last topup.

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For newly added cards, most of our users will have a daily top-up limit between £1000-£3000 (or currency equivalent). Some users may find they have a lower daily limit to begin with, however your daily top-up limits will increase over time.

We suggest:

Try and top-up your desired amount. If the amount is over your top-up allowance, you will receive a pop up message notifying you of the daily limit for that card and how much you can top-up today. If you wish to top-up more than your daily limit, you can use another debit or credit card, alternatively top-up via bank transfer. Unfortunately for security reasons we cannot provide the specific details around how your top-up limits are calculated.

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Do you really think that I wrote this topic to get standard copy-pasted answer? Please escalate this problem to upper level

Im really sorry if my answer is inappropriate, but I think it answers your question, this information is also on our website.

Your post mentions that this is a bug, but certainly this is not a bug. There is a daily top up limit with cards, and once you have exceeded the limit you have to wait 24h.

Question is not about daily limit amount. It’s about 24h from latest topup rule which is not actually daily limit because in some conditions I can’t use topup on daily basis.
Please escalate this problem to upper level.

I can explain. If I topped up my account yesterday 22:00, today I will get message that topup limit reached for today and I can try again tomorrow. But limit reached for yesterday, not for today. It’s definitely a bug.

Hello! I ve opened an account today and i ve me too a daily top up to 250 eur / 250 chf … But I am verified. What shall I do?

I have the exact same issue, I’m verified and still have a £250 top up limit. Please increase to these £1,000 - £3,000 limits you mention above.

Account verification and daily top-up limit for newly added cards are not related. You need to use your card more often for top-ups and the limit will rise eventually. In the meantime, you can top-up higher sums via bank transfer.

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Use the card, your limit will be higher in the future.


Do I have to register the digital Revolut as a payee on my bank account?

I am not sure if I understand this question :wink: You want to top-up via a debit card, right? And it seems to work, right? The daily limit will increase. It is a limitation by Revolut’s systems. Make sure to verify your card (in the Revolut app) once the app tells you so.

thanks for this answer @anon33247966 it helped me understand this situation with my newly added topup card.

Just FYI I’ve found something during popup which I do think is a bug, maybe you want to take a look at it: Limit issue with topup in HUF

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I confirm this is very annoying. If you don’t top up at exactly the same hour the day before, then you top up limits will keep getting pushed later and later.
This is definitely a problem.
Also, why are daily limits for some users 1000-3000 GBP and for others just 200 GBP? This doesn’t seem in any way fair.

I had the initial 250 topup limit. You need to build up a history to allow higher topup transfers via card. Things that seem to cause the card topup to rise :

Topping up via bank transfer
Topping up regularly by card
Paying out via bank transfer

It gradually increased until I was able to topup with 2000 pounds via card. It took several other transactions over a few days to get there.

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As far as I know, only using the card frequently affects this limit.

I am living in Czech Republic and the top-up limit is 250kc (around 10€) per day!! This amount is so low! Revolut thinks 1kc = 1€, I can’t find any other reasonable explanation, this limit should be 5000kc (around 200€). You can’t even order a physical card.

Hi Djibril,

They know it and are working on it, be patient.
An other discussion is already open: Top-up in CZK limited daily to CZK 250 (cca 10€)

Are you sure?
You mean huge amounts or large number of transactions?

this should be next step banking,
but before one can use it, you have to understand the whole business model

easy my …s