Daily purchase limit (euro)

What is the daily MasterCard purchase limit in euros?

I was given the limits by support in GBP. Will be somewhat higher in Euro:

‘Card spending is limited to £30,000 or equivalent per year with a sublimit of £5,000 or equivalent per 96 hours meaning that you cannot exceed £5,000 or equivalent in card spending in a 96 hour period.

The limits apply to 1 card (real or virtual). If you have 3 cards then the limit is 90,000 GBP per year’

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Great answer, that is mean 6000 euro approximately spending limit.

Per card. And per 96 hour period, yes. But sometimes Revolut use a 1:1 equivalency rate for GBP:Euro when it comes to limits, fees etc. So better to assume the limit is €5,000 too.

ok , at least i can use almost 5000 in a singe purchase. This is match higher from my regular bank.