Daily or weekly limits vs Monthly limit

Hello, I plan to use Revolut for a two weeks travel in NYC. I know a number of payments are done the old fashion way which is much less secure than entering a pin. In order to limit the risk I’d like to have the possibility to set a weekly limit or even a daily limit, because frankly the monthly limit is a not very smart for travelers.

Apart from this I find the concept very good. Proceed with improving functionalities.


Hi @JW28,

Thank you for your feedback.

Why not just disabling the card when you’re not using it? You can freeze/unfreeze the card at anytime form the card section of the app.


Andreas K.

Hi Andreas,

That’s an option by lack of a smarter way, however I think this may not
always work when you are off a wifi zone or simply if you forget doing
this as this is very manual, and it’s boring doing the operation
potentially several times a day… No, really a daily or weekly limit
would be more convenient and secure. And I understand that there are
other users who have suggested this.

Jean W



it would be great to have a daily limit for the card. For security reason, if the card is stolen, they can not withdraw the whole amount. Just the daily limit…


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Hey there, while I agree with you it would be great to be able to have the choice for daily weekly monthly limit I found a work around to this. Say you wanta 100$ daily limit and you have spent month-to-date 1500$. On the evening I changed my monthly limit to 1600$. Say the following day I spent 82$ making a month-to-date of 1582$, on the evening I changed my monthly limit to 1682$ (or I rounded to 1700$). Of course this requires you change your monthly limit every day… but since you have your phone at hand it’s easy and quick to do. Have fun !

This should already exist. And it’s pretty easy to implement. I haven’t come across other cards where you can’t set a day limit.

The daily limit is important specially now that you have junior cards.

The month limit is useless. If you want to use the month limit as a day limit, you have to adjust it all the time.

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I always keep my card “disabled” from the app so I do not need to setup any limits (but I do not have to care about juniors). But I must admit that few times when I visit Andorra where I do not have Internet access on my smartphone, I realised that I am f.up :slight_smile: The good thing was that I had one more bank card to pay with. Now every time I plan to go to Andorra I turn on Contactless payment just before to cross the border :slight_smile: