Daily card transaction limit at 2200 EUR - a new rule not in the FAQ?


Hi everyone,

I tried to make a payment by card for the sum of 2500 USD.
My USD balance was higher and I had sufficient funds (over 2600 USD).

The merchant declined the transaction because of “Insufficient funds”.

I contacted Support. They informed me that my daily (24h) card transaction limit was 2200 EUR. On the day I tried to make the payment I previously used the card for some transactions (for about 40 EUR) so together with the attempted 2500 USD payment I could have surpassed the 2200 EUR limit.


The FAQ clearly states that the card has a “sublimit of £5,000 or equivalent per 96 hours meaning that you cannot exceed £5,000 or equivalent in card spending in a 96 hour period”.

I am certain that I did not cross this sublimit (my whole expenditure for the month was a little over 500 EUR).

This means there are new rules in place regarding daily limits for transactions which are not reflected in the FAQ.

Could AndreasK shed some light on this matter?

The 2200 EUR limit (if it indeed exists) would be unfortunate for me, because I have to make regular monthly payments to a single merchant for a sum very close to this limit.


I made a 2,540usd payment last night and worked just fine.
So seems like that new limit is not applicable to everyone?


That’s still very close to the 2200 EUR limit, perhaps you just made it… Did anybody make a transaction for i.e. 3000 USD? This would confirm that the limit (if it indeed is a limit and not a bug), applied just to some…


Hi there.

Please let me apologise for this miscommunication. We haven’t changed the card spending limits. Card spending is limited to £30,000 or equivalent per year with a sublimit of £5,000 or equivalent per 96 hours meaning that you cannot exceed £5,000 or equivalent in card spending in a 96 hour period. Cash withdrawals from ATMs are limited to £500 or equivalent per day.

I’m afraid our agent got confused.

Your card payment declined because you’ve exceeded the card spending limit. This is because the previous attempts were still pending at that time.

Once again, please accept our apologies for this miscommunication.


Andreas K.


Andreas thank you for this explanation. It is reassuring.

I am however wondering why the first transaction was declined. It already showed as declined when I attempted the first time. And already at the first try I had sufficient funds on my USD account. So the problem was probably elsewhere.

I was thinking - could it be that the merchant (a payment processing firm - receivabl.es) established that I have “unsufficient funds” because my EUR balance was too low to cover the payment?

Could it be that their system just checked my primary account (which is EUR) and because the balance was too low (about 1000 EUR) they declined the transaction, although there is enough money (2600 USD, so more than the invoiced 2500 USD) on the USD account?

Because it happens to me (especially in Poland) that merchants take money from the EUR account (using currency conversion), although I have enough funds on my PLN account.

Sorry for the additional trouble, thank you, best


I don’t believe that a “merchant’s system” can check specific wallets. The whole backend authorization and currency allocations happens on Revolut’s systems.

It happened to me occasionally as well that a GBP payment was declined despite having sufficient GBP, but currency conversion is not related to this.

Always check POS terminals in Poland and insist on being charged in the local currency. Even if you only hold EUR on you card. Otherwise you won’t profit from Revolut’s exchange rates.


Actually I think some merchants have their POS terminals automatically set for dynamic currency conversion.

I have recently paid for a purchase in Poland and I held the POS in my hands the whole time. The sum was entered in PLN, but the charge was in EUR. There was no possibility to change this.

I complained to the seller afterwards, but she said that this is automatic and that they (sellers) have no influence on the process…


That would b a clear violation of MasterCard‘s terms. As a customer, you can demand to be charged in the local currency. Guidelines are really clear and strict. When verifying a payment with PIN, the terminal should show amount and currency. If you don’t get the local currency here, I would ask to cancel this payment and start over.