Daily CARD top-up limit increase


I’ve been using revolut for a month now, for daily purchases, travel and I now want to upgrade to Premium to use the unlimited exchange. Though I’m limited by the daily top up. I tried using the Chat but the Live Agent is saying they can’t do anything. Account is verified since creation. I see here that some of you have got their daily limit increased.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you!

The daily top up limit will increase automatically over time. There is nothing else to do, but keep using your card and top up when needed.

But there’s also no way to see your current limit right?

Nope. It is gone. It is not in effect anymore. In specific cases they might ask for documentation in order to protect their users and hinder money laundering

Not according to what support told me most recently. The limit is still very well there, just not displayed anymore.

You can kind of. The app will tell you the daily card top up limit when you try to top up more. It then says something like “you exceeded your daily limit of 500” for example.

What if you dont top up by card? Also its just the daily, not the yearly, let alone the total limit of funds.

The limit I was at asking about is a limit only related to cards used for top ups. It is card specific, it is a daily limit, and it automatically increases over time when the card is used. This is not the yearly top up limit. These two limits are not related. If you are not using a card for top ups, this limit is not relevant for you.

Good point, I seem to have missed that.

Does it tell you this while entering the amount you want to top-up or does it tell you that when you hit the "Top up now-"button?

Were you referring then to the daily top up limit or the yearly one?

In my first response I referred to the daily. The quoted response the yearly.

Alright, so my response does still apply :smiley:

Just wanted to make sure my reply was not based on a misunderstanding.

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Let’s say you try to top up 2000. The app then might tell you that the limit for this card is 500.

Yes understood. But does it tell you that while typing the amount or when you hit the button that would execute the top-up?
Because when I’m typing the amount, it would let me top-up 100.000.000€. I’m asking because I’m using the beta and something might be broken here.

You get the message when you hit the final button to top up.

Either it goes through or you get a message saying what the current limit for the card is.

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Thank you

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