Daily and weekly spend limits


I use Revolut for personal budgeting, and the instant nature of the service is great for this, as is monthly spend limits.

It would be brilliant of I could set a daily or weekly limit, or even better, a custom interval limit, to curb my spending effectively.



This would be a very convenient feature especially when the card is to be used by dependents as kids, parents or partners with memory loss or individuals in care & relying on a carer to buy small items.

A major factor in the resistance to usage of contactless cards by older people is the concern over someone stealing the card & spending a couple of hundred pounds in a quick splurge. Daily custom limits would be very helpful here.



Daily limit is definitely a great idea. It’s much more secure than monthy limit.



Totally agree. Daily limit is a great idea.



Daily Limits appear to have been introduced for me, however only available when setting a monthly limit, which then divides the limit onto the amount of days. The issue with this is, each day has the same budget. I spend a lot more money on a Friday or Saturday than I do on a Tuesday. I think I can speak for everyone with that. Is it possible to implement varying daily budget limits?