CZK support

Guys please on board CZK for top-up. Also I recommend introducing a main currency for the card which should be free or a fixed charge. That will really help people to really switch to this platform else it will continue to play side kick role.


Hi @Rishabhnitc,

cards already have a “base currency” depending on the users registration address. Like GBP for UK residents, EUR for EUR countries, and so on. How would the main currency that you like be different from this?


Hi Frank,
If we get the topups in the base currency unlimited (or a high limit) there is a potential to replace the bank completely. It will also improve liquidity in participent currencies. Now we have just five currencies , i am missing CZK, if i had unlimited czk topup or a corresponding bank account from revolut it can become my main stay. Banks like raifessian already provide multi currency accounts with no charges but the only downside is they apply high inter conversion charges even in your own account.


Yes, there will always be better national options for some specific use cases :slight_smile: Let’s see how Revolut is developing as a product that is available in all EEA countries and potentially worldwide in the future. I am not sure if they really want to replace everyone’s current account everywhere or focus more on a really good card for multi-currency use. Exciting times.

If Revolut does not have a wallets for the national currencies of the EEA countries (such as CZK, DKK, HUF, NOK, RON, SEK, etc.) to make economic use in these countries, Revolut will be just a “toy” suitable for tourists ;-). It’s simply “workdays-card” & “trip-card” :smiley: . But I still hope …


It takes time for the operational and financial regulatory aspects to be set up for every single currency.

They don’t appear to be resting on their laurels, and have product expansions planned in their product timelines, both in terms of geographic locations that they will be servicing (US, Australia, Singapore and South Africa), and also in terms of new currencies supported for their currency account function.

Compliance with both the national (e.g. FCA, PRA.) and intergovernmental regulatory agencies (e.g. ESMA, …) takes time.

I hope so for good. Frankly speaking the leverage that Revolut has against very good bank account like Raifesien is the low interconversion charges. which makes my money more liquid. At the same time Raifessien does provide withdrawls and payements with no limits or extra charges.

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Indeed. The foreign currency transactions at the inter-bank rate makes Revolut quite competitive.

Additionally, the inclusion of the free (with limitations, depending on whether you have Premium or not.) currency account is fantastic.

Other retail banks in the UK offer very poor exchange rates, and a hefty commission as well.

The traditional retail banks tend to cross-subsidise their services. They operate their current accounts at a loss (e.g. Unlimited ATM withdrawals, …), but recoup the money lost via larger spreads for foreign currency transactions, high interest rates for overdrafts and credit cards, and also mortgages with high(er) interest rates.

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No CZK support yet wonder if the poll for requested new currencies is being looked at.


Totally agree with this idea.
The bank account options in Czech Republic are pretty poor and most often include stupid fees.
Revolut would become the preferred alternative there very quickly in my opinion.


I need CZK. Please…


I would appreciate CZK as well. It seems it is possible to send money to that account, but not top it up with it.

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I have CZK account, and if I can Top Up only in EUR, I will pay fee to my bank :frowning:


If you use (or Transfewise for amount over 6,000 CZK), the cost of converting to EUR and sending it to Revolut will be about 0.7%. And reverse conversion to CZK in Revolut app will not increase cost too much. And if you are able to exchange CZK / EUR by Citfin.CZ, the costs are even smaller.

Hello. I need help :frowning: On Wednesday, March 21st, 2018 I made the bank transfer from the account to the currency CZK Revolut! Today, March 28th, I don´t have the money for the application Revolut. Please, do you know anybody where is the problem? (all aspects - swift, number for CZK etc. are right!) Thanks David

So you have entered IBAN and BIC for a common collection account that is the same for all clients …
IBAN = GB14 LOYD 3080 1294 0018 45

And what about 8 digit personal reference?

Can you tell me where do I write 8 digit personal reference???

Do you make payment to a foreign country sometimes??? There is no box for this number!!!

There exists only the box for IBAN and BIC!!

Advice to me, please

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You must write reference number into a note field of transaction. In Czech “Zpráva pro příjemce”. In other countries they don’t have our symbols - VS, SS, KS, but the note field only. “Jméno příjemce” must be “REVOLUT LTD”.

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I have an exciting update :slight_smile:

In a couple of weeks you will be able to top up your account with CZK :tada::tada::tada::tada:


It seems that CZK top up is imminent. I can choose card top up in the app with CZK but when I try, there is an error, that something went wrong :slight_smile:

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