CVV not saved anymore, always asks for 3DS



I was using Revolut for quite some time, top-ups were coming from my Swedbank (Lithuania) Debit Mastercard. CVV was stored in App and all top-ups lasted 3-5 seconds.

Now I lost my Swedbank card, they issued me a new one (exactly the same, Debit Mastercard). I deleted old, added this new one. Now every time I want to top up my Revolut account, I need to enter CVV code. After that, it redirects me to 3DS page (which was not happening with previous card). As far as I understand, nothing changed from bank side, I can use my Mastercard everywhere I want, but I’m not sure why 3DS is now mandatory while it was not needed before.

Thanks for answers.


It looks like they did some changes in the backend without telling anything. It creates lots of troubles for many users outside of UK


In my case it stopped to ask for that after a few top ups and after card’s verification.


I believe this is the case for every card that is added even when they are verified. They will require some top ups before they won’t ask for the cvv and 3ds code.