CVV/CVC code needed for refund?

Dear all, I lately booked a flight over PAWA Dominicana. In the meantime, they haven’t paid their taxes and have been suspended by the Dominican authorities and cannot fly for 90 days. They say they will do a refund (, but I have to enter my debit card number, expiry date AND authorization code (I believe they mean the CVV/CVC). Is this normal, for a refund? Thank you and best regards, Del

Hey @delrio :slight_smile:

I believe the authorization code is NOT the CVV, but related to the transaction authorization number, which must be provided by :r:'s support team (I might be wrong though) :wink:

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The authorisation code is the code that the card provider gives to merchant when the transaction is approved. I don’t understand why they would need this. I’m a retailer and we just need the card details for customer not present refunds.

Thank you very much @Juliopp and @Antoinemc, that helps me a lot. I now tried to use their form but gave the IBAN to an USD account, now I’ll have to wait and see … wish you both a very nice weekend.


If you can apply them the authorization code the refund can be done faster.