Cut off in support


Asking questions and no more response from support . What’s gone wrong?


Same for me. Support, Rose, just left saying she finished her shift and will pass my querie to the next person. Since then no more news…


Hopefully they sign off eventually coz when I try support I’m stuck with last unanswered question :confused:


Same here. Support Pablo said he will pass me further and there was no answer since then and I am still waiting. :confused:



Agent said he was moving me to other department. Then nothing.

I guess there is a problem!


I believe it simply takes the other department ages to respond.

I have been waiting 24 hours so far :sunglasses: … says it can take up to 96


I am waiting over a week, but I want to know how long it’ll last without external help :sunglasses:


Hmm! Really sorry about this guys.

Can you all send me a direct message with your phone number linked to your accounts?


Well they did get back to me eventually and sort things out thanks, which brings me to my next topic question although it may be too late now to order a card😕


@AndreasK thank you for your help, but doing this you’ve broken very interesting experiment :yum: