Customer support and blocked access


It is the second week when I dont have access to my account! The customer support doesnt answer to me the 3rd day!! I have 250£ on my account, just give me the money back and close this account, I will never use this anymore and will never recommend to anyone!!! This is real mockery!!


you know there are other support methods except in-app chat support, right?
and of course, you can always withdraw your money with your card, and if you didnt order one… well…


What other methods? Facebook? Its the same. How to withdraw the money if
they said sorry, you wont have access to your account as long as it is
under review?


@Natalia2 looks like you are not telling all the details, if you do it maybe someone here will actually help you


I told you all my details, Revolut blocked my account “for security
reasons”, I have no idea why they decided to do so, when I asked them if
they can transfer the money into another account in order to use them, they
said sorry, we are unable to do it. I need to give birth in one month and
put this account to receive maternity allowance on it, but Revolut don’t
care. Now my money stay frozen, I dont have access to my account and they
dont answer to me. I would be happy to get my money back, and let them
close my account definitely, they can do whatever they want, and I will
never use Revolut anymore and recomend to anyone.


its hard to believe there is no respond from them for so long, is there anybody with the same problem here? did u checked other posts here with possible solutions in them


I’ve read someone’s account was under review for 2 months, and almost all
the people say the support team is not so receptive, I dont know what to do