Customer Service


Does anybody have the same problems as I have with “Customer Service”. I reported a fraudulent deduction from my account to Revolut and they wrongly classified it as a merchant dispute. They then claim to have spoken to the merchant in China on the phone but steadfastly refuse to give me the phone number. I have also asked revolut several times to speak to the merchant again and ask for tracking details. They just send me pidgin English replies (see below).

"we got today response and we will credit you for the difference as merchant accepted the case, where we asked for the difference of amount 4.88gbp to refund you, today it will be visible on your account. I will inform you here via email and via chat.
Merchant accepted it was mistake on their end and they accepted our merchant claim."

"thank you for this additional notification, we will respond on FCA letter once we receive it.
in case you will not receive the ordered good we will then raise chargeback for this non-delivery of goods.
Still now you need to wait if they deliver the ordered goods, if not you will let us know and we will proceed with this different type of claim"

_"Merchant did not respond on this official request as there is 45 days waiting period according to the MasterCard chargeback rules. _
Merchant phone response (that was done on our end to speed up your refund) we validate as enough to refund you for this difference as we want that you receive lost funds of 4.88GBP as soon as possible we will refund before official MasterCard response.
This difference is posted on your account, once we receive MasterCard response we will inform you and than forward you this official response provided by MasterCard as this is only valid evidence for FCA, the same will be provided to FCA"

As you can see they claim to have spoken to the merchant but despite 4 written requests for the phone number they will not provide it. I leave it to you to decide whether they actually have the number they claim to have. Almost certainly the most inept “customer service” in the World.