customer service is terrible

Was introduced to this app because my friend said it’s good but customer service is so bad. They won’t tell you how long you have to wait and just leaves you hanging wtf.

Honestly IM not someone who gets mad fast but Im pissed like what makes you think we want to wait for you all day to reply to a simple message? At least have the decency to have a queue number or expected waiting time and it’s already been 3 hours without a reply for me.

I just want to close my account because I do not want to use this app anymore please

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You are right… Their service is damned bad… Read all my post and you will find out whet they are capable of.

I’m very sorry to hear that. Support wait time should be kept at a minimum and you should be quoted how long the wait is upon being redirected by Rita. I have written you a private message to help!

I created an account just to message how bad their customer service is. I waited 2 and a half hours just to speak to an agent and ended up just as I begun as they weren’t able to help me.