Customer service benchmarks set by Revolut

One of the biggest bugbears with Revolut, especially with new customers, is customer support, especially around the subject of ID verification and annual top up limits.

Can I suggest:

  1. Better training and support from the Compliance team dealing with these issues. From my own experience ( and I consider myself to be financially savvy) there is often language difficulties and a certain degree of financial illiteracy among support agents, with a tick box mentality and a certain naïveté about real world financial situations.

  2. Revolut establishing clear benchmarks about verification timings, and responding to customer queries, especially in the original contact period with new customers. Such benchmarks would ALSO make it clear on the customers resposibilities for accessing prompt and effective service, such as submitting clear photos etc.

These benchmarks would be clear and well publicised, with even the possibility of a financial penalty on Revolut’s part if these benchmarks were not met (eg a £5/€5 penalty for a clear breach of a benchmark). Such penalties or ex gratia payments are commonplace in the financial world, and customer care departments, especially in the UK when customer targets are not met.

This would incentivise the company to up its game and also give confidence and reassurance to the newbie customer, who often finds that he/she has transferred money to Revolut but can not access it. It would, at a stroke, remove the biggest area of complaint seen in this forum and on TrustPilot against the company.

(EDIT: I actually think that the reality is better than the perception seen in comments to this forum. I think that the vast majority of customer service contacts are successful and proceed normally and with no fuss. But having these Benchmarks, which can be audited, can give confidence and visibility to the success story that is Revolut).


I actually somewhat agree with this. Most financial institutions have these in place to make sure customers are taken care of. Imagine if you had to wait 2 hours at a bank to get support. People already lost their minds in most countries dealing with banks. I can only imagine Revolut’s position but this might also need to be taken into consideration as they are trying to go into full banking with their recent (last year?) move to apply for a banking license.

on a side note as to how long support takes, i start it usually trying to get something solve but then like 2-3 hours later i have completely forgotten that i started that issue and i’ve already paid using my other banks card. Revolut’s goal here is for me to use their card but if there’s an issue and I have to wait 2-3 hours. What’s the point? I always have to plan ahead for certain things. Seems to help a great deal