Customer Service and withdrawal limits


Firstly can I say what a superb idea and product Revolut is. It’s ability to bank currency at decent rates and spend in you own time is a great idea.

However, I still feel unable to fully embrace the idea due to 2 major factors for me, customer service and withdrawal limits for foreign cash.

I’m getting frustrated by the amount of people complaining about the lack of support. Not because people are posting their grievances, but that Revolut either don’t care, are unwilling to do anything about it or don’t know what to do to fix it. It seems to me that Revolut have buried their head in the sand and pretending it’s not happening?!

Then the cash withdrawal limit. 200 of whatever your base currency is is clearly not a reasonable amount to make it worthwhile using. With your card being refused or blocked for spending, I’d at least want to have a safety net of cash in case. But 200 is just not sufficient.

Could anyone from Revolut just respond and advise what if anything is being done about the lack of customer support, with some sort of timescale to sorting it all out. And secondly will there be a relaxation on the withdrawal limits maybe not using a monthly limit, but maybe think about a annual rolling limit??



I know, I know, this is not a very popular opinion: but for a free product, the 200 $€£ isn’t too bad. But I am mostly traveling in countries were cards are widely accepted, though.

I am a customer since 2015 and I run never into serious trouble because of a blocked card or a declined payment. The short hiccup this spring when a payment processor’s IT was down for an afternoon was inconvenient but I would always bring another card on a trip, preferably from a different network.


So why are there all these people on the forum with blocked cards, no contact with customer support?

I’d love to use my Revolut account, but it does seem very intermittent to say the least. I been away and not seen the forum, but caught up on it and it certainly seems the same queries as when I last saw it.

I’m just puzzled as to why Revolut would want to keep seeing the bad reviews and not improve the service? I appreciate that some may travel problem Greece but there always seems to be a consistent stream of issues.

I travelled to Portugal recently and found literally nowhere accepted cards, so I paid cash just about everywhere. I spent 600+ euros, so the 200 limit per month would have been useless. I’m going away later in the year as well, so a yearly limit would be much better, I don’t travel regularly enough to use 200 euros per month.

Just my thoughts. If they changed the withdrawal limit to yearly of 2400 euros, surely that would suit more people and therefore widen Revolut’s appeal??


Well, yes. I am not sure what’s going on with blocked accounts. But to me it looks like there are two major problems with being locked out of an account.

No. 1 is that people change their SIM while traveling, they move, they get a new phone, their phone gets stolen … for some reason, they don’t have access to their old phone number anymore. But for security reasons, ones account is attached to the phone and the number. To install the app on a brand new phone only works when one can identify oneself with a code that is sent to the verified old phone number. If you don’t have access to that number, support has to change the number for you manually. What to do to change the number without access to the old one is described in the FAQs. And in plenty of threads here that could be found with a quick search. With a little bit of effort, one would find other ways to contact Revolut directly here in the forum, on Twitter, or on Facebook that are recommended a lot here by helpful users.

No. 2 seems to be problems with the verification. As far as I understand it, it is an automated process and problems occur if an ID or credit card can’t be verified because of a blurry photo. Or when people try to verify a virtual card which is not recommended (tone can’t take a photo of a virtual card). It might be a good idea to explain the steps of the verification better in the app and give some hints about potential problems beforehand. But if one has sucessfully verified account and card, you are all set. And if your card gets blocked because the system assumes a fraudulent transaction, you can unlock the card in the app by yourself.

Isn’t Revolut a fairly new and different product, compared with a regular current account? I would expect that it takes some time to get familiar with the app and the product itself. And the FAQs are the perfect place to start and to learn a lot, I think. They have plenty of informations and useful tips like how to avoid tourist traps (DCC) or what to expect when the card is used with London Transport.

Having said all this, I am not saying people don’t have reasons to complain or being frustrated. There are bugs in the app, some procedures are unusual, it is frustrating when your phone was stolen and all your money is locked in an account you no longer have access to and you are in a foreign country. I get all this and how frustrating it could be. I don’t want to defend Revolut’s lagging support. But I do think it would be a good idea if users would put a little bit more effort into using this forum as a knowledge base. And into thoroughly reading the FAQs :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes I can see some of the issues are of their own making. However the customer service bit isn’t helpful.

As more currencies get added, more people join, that becomes more issues. Surely customer support needs scaling up pretty rapidly. It’s a real shame as Revolut is something I could really use and find useful. However for me as it stands, I can’t say I feel overly confident should I have an issue that I would get any help.

I was just hoping that Revolut would see this and just stop for a second and see what some people are saying and hopefully our plans in place to rectify it. It’s a shame as the idea has so much promise. But at the minute it’s just not going to be for me I think.


Ah, right, and I do have a theory about why the withdrawal limit is a monthly one. I have no knowledge about Revolut’s business, but I can imagine that they want to avoid that a lot of customers wouild use the card maybe twice a year mainly for cash withdrawals on vacation.

It is intruiging. But the sole service of providing a free account + app + card already generates costs. Topping up via debit card does cost something (merchant fees), running the basic IT banking infrastructure, Mastercard license fees … if a considerable number of consumers would use the card mainly to withdraw cash abroad instead of paying with card, it would be even more costly for Revolut. A higher free cash limit might encourage that. With a relatively low monthly limit for free withdrawals, the group of customers that actually uses a costly service more pays a bigger share to keep the business sustainable.

I have no data to back up this theory, but with a little insight into the banking world I think it’s not unreasonable.

Sure, I would like to see the support being improved as soon as possible. I contacted them twice via chat, the last time on April 27. It took them a while to respond but they did within 8 hours. I was lucky enough not to run into bigger problems. I find the product reliable, maybe a little bit less reliable—or better: more quirky—than traditional bank cards, but I am willing to accept that for now because I profit a lot from their service. And Revolut being less than 2 years on the market, I see myself still as an early adopter.


Yes I agree that overseas withdrawals are expensive. But if I went away every month of the year I’d get to the same limit anyway if it was an annual limit.

But then they make money from exchange and other fees. I’m not saying loads but enough to make the business work.

Now if they invested in customer service and encouraged people to swap their accounts lock stock to Revolut then that would generate more cash. If they offered current accounts with the same easy transfer of foreign currency then that would be a winner on top of everything else.

I have tried and failed on at least 3 times to contact support. And that’s me at home in my chair. Now picture me in a foreign country doing the same whilst I should be enjoying my holiday!? I’d be less than pleased.

£6.99 for the premium is laughable at this stage unless you’re moving vast sums around. If they want to charge £2-3 to cover costs then maybe.

I do accept your points tho. Be nice is someone from Revolut could reassure their customers about the (lack of) support issues, what they are doing to sort it and how long that might be. I might well hold on.


I’m new to this so apologies in advance if I’m
In the wrong place - I’ve just set up an account and topped up £10. I’m assuming this gives me a virtual card. If I want a physical card I have to pay for it? And can I get a physical card at a later date or do I have to order it when setting up? Will the £5 come out of my top up?


Yep you now have a virtual card and can get a physical card when ever you wish. The cost of this will come out of your top up or balance.