**customer name on bank account**

I am from the UK and i want to send some USD from a crypto currency exchange to my revolut USD account.

Customer Name on Bank Account - would this be REVOLUT LTD?

The IBAN number for my USD account looks like a UK IBAN number and i don’t understand why. Is this a local US bank account that can receive wire transfers?

I apologise for all the questions, i’m new and i learn quickly. Looking for an exit strategy for my crypto currency capital.



Hey @ben_lui8 :slight_smile:

No. It’s a UK pooled bank account enabled to receive USD :wink:

Yes, but this is likely to be rejected. I can’t reason it though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi Juliopp,

Thanks for responding it is much appreciated :smile:.

So if i want to send funds from my coinbase account (in USD) to my USD revolut account, i need to put REVOLUT LTD as the beneficiary name right? Just need to clarify that.



You can find the exact details including what to put in the beneficiary form field from within the app. Choose the currency, then bank transfer.

For USD, it’s a pooled account, so make sure to include your reference (not sure if you can do that in Coinbase).

Otherwise just withdraw in EUR, using the IBAN in your name :wink:

Yep i will only sell on exchanges that withdraw in EUR currency so i can avoid issues getting my money into Revolut.

How am i able to be fully verified to send the biggest amounts to my account? Do i need to speak to Revolut support team to enable that?

You should be able to withdraw in EUR on coinbase, I’ve done it.

To fully verify your Revolut account (and get over the 30k euros limit) you need to justify the source of your funds (salary usually) - There is a dedicated button for that (More>Profile>Verification & Limits>Verify source of funds)

I am looking to bring my limit higher than 30K, problem is when i go on the app and navigate to “verification & limits”. There is no button that says “Verify source of funds”. The screen just tells me that my limit is £25,000 a year and that is it. I have an iPhone X so just want to make sure that isn’t the issue?

Is there any other way to start the enhanced verification process with Revolut?

If you had an android phone, I’d say it’s probably a UI problem with your screen resolution or something similar, but on iPhones I’m pretty sure they do some QA on all recent iPhones.
Is your account new? Maybe you need to have your account for at least X months before being able to verify your funds (to build up a transactions history and show you’re legit… something like that)

@anon33247966 Do you know why @ben_lui8 can’t see the “Verify source of funds” button?

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Sure. As I can see Ben hasn’t reached his annual top up limit therefore the app doesn’t give the option to increase it yet. However, he can reach out our in-app support team and request to increase his limits. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer!
@anon33247966 Another question for me this time :grinning: : I talked to Wanda from the compliance team in October about my own case (to verify the source of funds), it would be easier to talk to her again I think, is there a way to do that?

Drop me a DM please :slight_smile:

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DM’d :slight_smile:

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