Curve and Revolut display bug


Maybe they don’t know how to fix it :hammer_and_wrench: :thinking: :pig: :monkey_face: :crazy_face:


Just downloaded iOS Ver 5.9 Beta.

I’m glad to say it seems the Curve transaction bug has been fixed :).

You need to log out and in again, and all the Curve transactions show up correctly.


Thank God. My inner Mr. Monk is happy again.


@AndreasK Once again with the new update. Any infos on this ?

Version 5.27 iOS



Any help ? Cant use Revolut with this bug, cause my whole transaction list, also the old ones is chaos now. Even the older ones were renamed.

And Im not the only one.

Information would be highly appreciated.


@AndreasK Bug is still there, and still no reaction from Revolut. Getting really disappointed now


The bug is still here for me, too. I’ve contacted Revolut and Curve, nothing has been fixed.