Curve and Revolut display bug



I have a strange bug in iOS version 5.6. All (really all ! , also the old) transactions with my curve credit card are displayed as “crv sparkasse Nuernber” which is not correct. It must be a display bug, cause in 5.5 and before all is OK. Anyone else has the same problem ?


Yep. Same here. I’ve reported it to Revolut (beta feedback). They say there are ironing out issues in transaction reporting.


I thought Beta testers were supposed to report feedback via the app and not here in the forums?


I did.

Was replying to @Maarthok confirming the bug.


iOS 5.6 is not beta anymore


I replied to Maarthok. At least I tried to, but the forum software thinks differently about this.


Yes I missed that. It’s really a shame that you don’t get notified of any updates to the regular app when you are running the beta. At least on iOS


Yes. I agree. 5.6 was on general release some 2 days after the beta came out. Doesn’t seem long enough to incorporate and fix beta feedback.


Actually I don’t know why the beta release version is not always ahead of the the stable version. But this has been mentioned a few times before anywhere here I think



The team is working on a fix :slight_smile: I will keep you posted.


the point of having a beta channel is to allow time for feedback before rolling buggy releases to everyone :wink:


Same bug on 5.6 for Android.
It’s in the PDF statement exports too


Bug still there in 5.7


How the heck revolut manages to catch such weird bugs :grimacing:


Still buggy (Version 4.7 iOS final)


@AndreasK any news on this ?


Again, sorry about this. :frowning:

The team has identified the issue and it should be fixed this week


Still buggy (Version 4.8 iOS final)


Yep. Still no relief from all the transaction bugs. (iOS 5.8)

Come on Revolut. Sort this out! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hi @AndreasK

The Curve transaction bug is still there. Creating havoc with Analytics :frowning:

Any update as to what the resolution timeline is like?