Curve and Revolut display bug



I have a strange bug in iOS version 5.6. All (really all ! , also the old) transactions with my curve credit card are displayed as “crv sparkasse Nuernber” which is not correct. It must be a display bug, cause in 5.5 and before all is OK. Anyone else has the same problem ?


Yep. Same here. I’ve reported it to Revolut (beta feedback). They say there are ironing out issues in transaction reporting.


I thought Beta testers were supposed to report feedback via the app and not here in the forums?


I did.

Was replying to @Maarthok confirming the bug.


iOS 5.6 is not beta anymore


I replied to Maarthok. At least I tried to, but the forum software thinks differently about this.


Yes I missed that. It’s really a shame that you don’t get notified of any updates to the regular app when you are running the beta. At least on iOS


Yes. I agree. 5.6 was on general release some 2 days after the beta came out. Doesn’t seem long enough to incorporate and fix beta feedback.


Actually I don’t know why the beta release version is not always ahead of the the stable version. But this has been mentioned a few times before anywhere here I think



The team is working on a fix :slight_smile: I will keep you posted.


the point of having a beta channel is to allow time for feedback before rolling buggy releases to everyone :wink:


Same bug on 5.6 for Android.
It’s in the PDF statement exports too


Bug still there in 5.7


How the heck revolut manages to catch such weird bugs :grimacing: