Currency total in account tab converted to base currency removed


Before version 5.28.1 any currency but the base currency were also shown converted to the base currency below the total (the amoutn you can tap to open the account details) and now it’s gone.
I used it to quickly sum up all the funds I hold with Revolut.

It was a little but very useful feature why was it removed?


It isn’t gone. I still have it on recent update.


which version and OS do you use?


5.28.1, Android (I have an iPhone at home that I could verify this with if needed)


You still have the converted amount there?
My base currency is CHF


Just tap the currency name and it will toggle between name and converted amount


wow, i feel stupid now :expressionless:


Don’t feel stupid, this is what the community forum is for. :+1:

As the saying goes, the only stupid question is the one that you don’t ask!


I wanted to meme this but it’s a little out of Revolut forum allowance sadly


Feel free to PM the meme to me! :laughing: