Currency Standing Order.

At present a bank sends a standing order to R: in £. :heavy_check_mark:
I want to set up a " Revoult Currency Standing Order" to exchange £ to € after receipt (not auto exchange).
I can then transfer from R: on a date basis to an IBAN account.:heavy_check_mark:

Wouldn’t you prefer to be in control? The rate fluctuates throughout the day and automating it when it hits your account could leave you feeling « cheated ».
Taking control of your money rather than leaving it to chance is always the best way to manage your affairs.
I wouldn’t support this feature because you might not want to exchange all your GBP to EUR on some occasion when you might need a different currency and triangulating your transaction from EUR to ANO currency could leave you out of pocket.

Firstly you don’t have to use it.
It is affected by exchange rates but having a standing order exchange benefits those who use R: for paying regular bills.
At present you get an email if there aren’t enough currency funds to support a future standing order payment so you are still tied to last minute rates if you have to top up.

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