Currency specific transactions list is confusing


Currently the transactions list is confusing. The transaction is listed under the currency that was used to spend (source of funds). If you get a refund the transaction is move under the currency that it was on.

Exmaple: I had an USD transactions It was listed under EUR because it was paid using EUR. After refund it was moved under USD and I had to search for it.

Having multiple transactions list is confusing. I would like to have some filters if I really need to do this distinction. Generally I would like to see everything in one place.


Hi @robert.dolca

Has the merchant released the refund as USD?


Hi Andreas,

Thanks for following up. I do not know how to answer that question because the information seems confusing. The transaction amount was X USD and now it is 0 USD but the status is still pending.

When it became 0 USD that’s when it moved from the EUR transactions list to the USD transactions list. I have only EUR in my account.