Currency rates graph - not working


Hi, I am using :r: now almost 1 year now, but never ever saw the currency rates graph work. I use heavily the rates and converter functions, but historical data check would be good, if it would work.

At Rates when I click the graph, to check historical data, does not show anything just “Can’t load graph data. Try again” Looking back, actually, I don’t remember, that I ever saw this graph work!

Is the problem in my device OR is it a commonly know deficiency that nobody cares to debug? :thinking:


Works for me. Latest release version.


@Recchan what’s your version #?
I have 5.29


Also 5.29

Twenty twenty

Nevermind I just noticed they’re broken


Works fine for me on Android version 5.29…

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Ok, than any suggestions what could block in my device tha data transfer for the graphs? Should be the same as all other data movement between the app and the server, but can’t think of anything else, somehow the graphs never worked for me.


Worked fine for me except for one currency pair, until I upgraded to Anroid 9 Pie. Now, no graph at all.


Same on my app, also after Android 9 update


Hi all, as of 5.46 all currency graphs should be working for the past 3 months. The reason this has been an issue was that we were using the yahoo historic pricing API which didn’t support all currency pairs and frequently had issues. Exposing our own historic price data for different time intervals has been a huge task which is now complete so we are now using our own data to populate price charts (for the pricing data we have for the past 3 months)

Anything period longer than 3 months we don’t have historic data for yet, so it will revert to yahoo. But as time goes on, and we continue to collect our own data, eventually no Yahoo fallback will be required

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