Currency pairs chart


Please add the possibility to click on a currency pair and to see a chart with options to quickly see 1d, 3d, MTD, YTD, 3yrs, 5 yrs, 10yrs


As in to see the previous rates within these timeframes for that particular pair?


yes it is the Rate & Conversions screen. The idea is to see the trend and help customer to choose when they want to save in one currency


Great idea, thank you. We’ll share it with the team for internal discussion.


There are already smartphone apps in existence which do exactly that; I am therefore not sure if there would be much benefit in Revolut developing this when others have already done so.


I don’t understand this approach. Yes I guess this feature is available in many apps, but I don’t want and won’t go to a different app just for that. It’s just a chart with easily available data. Very easy to implement and very convenient.


It would also be great if we could set a rate to change currency and then if that rate occurs our wallet would automatically change. I’m new here maybe that option already exists and I haven’t found it yet


it’s great to see that the feature has already been released ; missing an option to see the y axis in the chart;