Currency Limit Bug or intentional misinformation

I am still within my “fee-free” range according to the APP.
However, when I convert the wrong quantity of money and I want to convert excess back, I noticed the difference between the exchange rates.

At any given moment the difference between GBP→PLN→GBP was exactly 1%.
I compared it with FOREX. The deviation was constant … ±0.5% for each direction… All the time.
It’s Monday morning,… I see this state from Friday morning.

Or it is a mistake, or the “fee-free” limit is false information for the users!

Exchanging back and forth with Revolut will result in a loss because of the spread between buy and sell rates. Revolut does not use midmarket rates, like google shows them, for example. Maybe that’s what you‘re seeing here.


I have noticed the same before too, with GBP—>EUR or USD—>GBP. Plus other options like between EUR and USD.

Sure. It’s the same for all currencies, Revolut uses buy/sell rates, not midmarket.