Currency ISO codes

This is sort of a bug, and it has been up before with other currencies.

The Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, and Icelandic currencies are different - but all carry the same name: Krone, Krona, Krone, and Króna respectively. Their domestic abbreviations are: kr., kr., kr., and kr. (respectively or vice-versa, you decide).

However, internationally we use other abbreviations to distinguish these currencies:
dkr. = DKK
skr. = SEK
nkr. = NOK
ikr. = ISK

Currently Revolut uses ‘dkr’ for DKK but just ‘kr’ for SEK, NOK, and ISK. Please use the correct abbreviations - it quickly becomes super confusing to distinguish.

As an aside, the Scandinavian currency codes go after the number (+ non-breaking space in between the two).


You’re right, Heinrich!

I’ve recently visited Norway and all transactions (Krones) carry their domestic abbreviaton: kr

Regarding where the Scandinavian currency code goes after the amount, I guess Revolut uses the same format for all currencies: amount + space + abbreviaton code for currency. Take a look to 0€ commission… Anyway, I support your point and I think it’s better to get displayed the transaction with non-breaking space between the numbers and currency code! 541nkr or 541NOK looks better!

1. Yep, and it can become super confusing. Now, I live in Denmark, but say I lived in Sweden or Norway. Then it would look like this (edited for effect):

I mean… just what??

2. I guess the currency symbol position depends on phone locale perhaps?

Another example is HKD aka Hong Kong Dollars. Domestically they’re usually abbreviated as HK$ or just plain as . However, in Revolut they're marked as H, which is an odd form that I have not even seen once and certainly noone in HK would ever use.
This really should be fixed, especially since Revolut is considering expanding to Hong Kong as well.
I reported it to support more than a year ago, but well, maybe someone will see it here :sweat_smile:

I’d prefer a system in which it is immediately clear what currency it is, so that would probably work best with the ISO codes.

You’d be correct, changing your locale to France would result in things coming behind (for instance 500€) whereas in the UK it would go in front (€500)

In my Revolut app they’re denoted as HK$, which I think is fine… US is US$ so they’re not playing favorites at all either

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Android / en_CA locale / Revolut 6.20 beta

HK$ would be fine, but yeah H$ isn’t. I wonder why it’s different on your phone.

Mine is iOS en_GB 6.20 beta