Currency exchange



I have a some problem with some shop payments.

My receipt is ex. 95 PLN.
Clearing house terminal is asking me about GBP.
I do not fully understand what the question is about.
In Revolut app after payment I can see -101.45 PLN or/and -£21.73
Why is like that? I can see that clearing house, merchant or Revolut is charging around 1 Euro.


Leszek - if you see no local price on terminal handed to you by shop worker refuse to pay and ask politely to charge you in local currency which is polish zloty. That problem is covered in revolut FAQ. Always ask for local currency. They can do it on their handheld terminals.

So thats not a bug. You just have been extra charged for extra conversion on behalf of your retailer.


I will try to do it. :slight_smile: