Currency Deposits


Since many of us withdraw cash while abroad and usually leave some of it unspent I had an idea.

Why doesn’t revolut set up small booths or atms that allow you to deposit money of any currency to your account.


I am afraid that the costs would somewhat outweigh the expected benefits.


Yes, it is easy to see what benefit customers would get from this - we all have annoying tiny amounts of currency left over from a country we are never likely to visit again. I don’t see a benefit for Revolut though because it sounds expensive to deploy all these currency-eating machines.


Nice idea but there’s no ATM in the entire world which accepts more than 4 currencies as cash in (and those would be Local+USD, EUR and maybe GBP).

More, it’s realy utopian idea. Extremely expensive and risky


I’d rather keep these small amounts as souvenir or better yet give it to friends and relative going there one day…


Yeah. Souvenirs :joy: haha.


That’s what I’m talking about!! :pray: :clap:


Available in London


That’s a bad joke :joy:

Tried to simulate some. They flgive you half of the value (for notes!).
Ex. 20000 iraqi dinars are approx $16 while those Londoner thieves will give you $8 :joy: what a scam…

Philippino Peso the same situation

Not to say that their website is not secure.


Thats not what I was thinking tho, the deposits in the “ideal” scenario would mean that the leftovers would be directly deposited without conversion (if possible) in the users revolut account


How should they make money?
Iraqi rates will go up and down extreem compared with pound/euro rate and they should make some money too as you should understand.


Actually that’s wrong. Since I went in Iraq is quite the same: 1200 dinars for one dollar. It’s a quite fixed rate actually as both dollar and dinars are used.
Like in Lebanon, 1500 fixed liras (fixed for 20 years, never changes) for a dollar.

What about the philippino peso? For a 100$ in value they’re giving 50… also. PHP is quite stable.