Currency Cloud

I need support from Revolut. I made a transfer to an company via a bank transfer. I did not know that Revolut used Currency Cloud as third party but the company that I transferred to does not accept payments from them. But they received the money. They now have requested an official documentation in order send the money back. See below:

"We kindly ask you contact to THE CURRENCY CLOUD LTD and clarify with them bank details according to which we will be able to send your funds back to THE CURRENCY CLOUD LTD in order your funds will be credited directly on your account.

Please provide us official document from THE CURRENCY CLOUD LTD with payment details of your account there where will be also clearly see the mentioned information:

-Your account details in THE CURRENCY CLOUD LTD
-Beneficiary address

This information your are able to request in THE CURRENCY CLOUD LTD.

Looking forward to your reply.
Thank you in advance!"

I have been trying to get this information for over a week from Revolut and am getting no where. I kindly ask for some support so I can get my money back.

Currency Cloud is a payment processor. They should be able to send the funds back to your Revolut account.


I have the similar problem. I sent my money from Revolut last week but they were not possible to accept my payment because of the little information.

Is it possible to get confirmation, that for my transfer you have used the Currency Cloud as an intermediary (in this confirmation should be visible transaction reference number, the payer’s IBAN, name, etc) ???

Thank you in advance

You will find it more sensible to use the in-app chat facility to ask that question of :r:

I am trying to resolve a similar issue with this currency cloud thing and i have been waiting in an in app chat for live agent for over 1hr

Update i got a response and was told my issue has been forwarded to the relevant team and they will get back to me.