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Dear Revolut Team/Community,

I have sent some money through wire transfer and the recipient asked to provide the bank statement of Currency Cloud LTD.

They just want to verify that the payment is coming from me.

Could you please advice on how I can find this information if there is a way?

Best Regards,

Who’s the receiver?

You’re not the owner of the currency cloud account… Revolut is. And that’s how they send money and keep pooled accounts (I’m sure you’ve read that in FAQ and terms). So, you can’t have such statement.

But, who’s the receiver who ask for this? :thinking: because there are two options:
They state that the incoming money has to come from the owner’s account (so, no pooled)
You didn’t put any reference for the receiver so they get some money but they don’t know from who… because they get the money from Revolut (pooled accounts), they don’t know who’s in the background of that transaction

@AndreasK maybe you can help him


Thanks for the prompt answer.

The receiver is a brokerage firm, they want to verify that the money comes from me and not from an account in someone else’s name.

For sure they received the money since they contacted me about that.

Since Revolut sent the money through a pooled account i dont think they will be able to verify that info. Correct?


Hi Alkis.

I’ve sent you the bank transfer confirmation via a DM :slight_smile:


Hi Andreas,

I am in the same situation as the initiator of the tread. I have completed a SWIFT transfer as well and the recipient has received the money. However, the reference did not come through and I also need to find a way to verify myself.

Could you help me in this regard as well?

Thanks a lot!

Could you help me? I wrote a post on Reddit.