Currency change doesn't work this morning


Hi, i’ve change many EUR to USD this morning but now, when i try to change more money, when i click sur OK, the excgange doesn’t work … What’s the problem ?



No Support here ? My limit is OK. What’s the problem ?


How many times have you made Exchanges in the app today?


3 times and 500€. Other days i’ve made 5 or more exchange.


You cannot make more than 5 in-app exchanges per day. I have written you a private message to take a look.


I only do 3 …


This is why I’d be happy to take a look at your account for you to see what’s going on.


After app update, log off / log in, problem still persist. I’ve only do 3 exchange and app say me i’ve done 5. Support ask me to wait until tomorrow. Wait and see …


How are we supposed to know about those limits?

How come they aren’t even mentioned here:


We want to prevent Revolut from being used as a trading platform. That is not what it should be used for. Our users typically do not exceed this daily allowance. But I will certainly pass on this feedback!


Great answer, but to a different question.

I did not ask why the limit is in place but how I am supposed to know about it.

You’re not going to become a trading platform with these exchange rates anyway. You can set your limits however you like but it’s misleading not to disclose them.

And just 5 transactions per day is not a lot. What time does the limit reset? It can be over two days for people travelling in different time zones. And not even a message in the app when the limit is reached?


Actually guys my apologies! It’s actually 8 times per day that you can exchange in the app. Sorry for the confusion.

Of course I understand and will pass this onto the team to take a look.

The limit re-sets at the start of each day. When you reach this limit in the app you should receive a notification as well!


It work now for me. Yes i think too that this restrictions must be writting in FAQ and conditions. And when conditions are changing it will be great ti have mail or in-app message. In app too, it will be great to see the number of exchange with the account year limit.

Yesterday i’ve done 6 exchange the yes it is more than 5.

Support have solded the problem i think. It was long to contact someone but they’ve done a good job.