CSV trading account statement lacks details needed for tax reporting


First of all, thank you for implementing statements in CSV form! I still have few more hopes regarding the machine readable kind of stock trading statements for my tax reporting

1. Fees reporting in statements

Stock trading transaction fees are tax deductible in Finland, but the trading account statement (csv labeled incorrectly as excel in the app) does not report the fees in relation to the buy and sell events. The tax administration only accepts per transaction fees reporting so could you add this information to the account statements? In other words the fees must maintain relationship to which transaction they’re applied to and how much that individual transaction has fees and of what kinds.

Currently the csv seems to show values with fees already deducted. I think this is good approach but a separate columns for fees would be super helpful since from those it would be possible to “recover” the actual amounts without fees. And to have a documentation of how the statement is in technical terms structured with possible values, like any other API documentation. For example the fx rate column is unclear of how long time average it is, or what possible values can the “Type” column contain.

Without this data: it would just mean traders from Finland would have to pay extra taxes or would have to collect the details manually trough the ui, meaning Revolut would just be a less profitable way of investing.

2. Dividends

Also, when receiving a dividend, Revolut handles the taxes at the source country automatically but the account statement does not contain details about what taxes etc were deducted from the shown amounts. Necessary details, currently unavailable for filing tax reports in Finland are:

  • the source country
  • amount of dividend
  • witholding tax percentage

Without this data: I these data points are mandatory in the tax filings. The fees could be guessed from whether the price per share is in USD or EUR I assume.

3. My use context

I’m asking these details in a machine readable format since I have quite a big number of transactions and I’m trying to write a short command line program which would automatically convert the Revolut statement into the correct, optimized tax reports. Collecting the details manually would be extremely labour intensive.


Have you tried using the search function to find Documents then Personal account followed by Statement of fees?
That will allow you to select the year in focus which will generate the document for you.
Can’t say in my use case whether it will list what you require but it will be a starting point perhaps…


That document is for personal account, not for trading account.

Similar is available for trading account, but it is a pdf document, so not machine readable and the trading account one does not have the needed data. It only contains the total sums. The correct data can be achieved by grabbing an invoice of each trade and in that case the export result is pdf, so not machine readable.

And the costs and charges report for trading account only includes costs and charges from revolut, so no details about taxes and fees paid from my trading activity.

I did also validate that in the invoices it is shown that some of my funds have gone to some various fees and taxes. The reason I opened up this topic was because the support bot confirmed that the data I’m requesting is not available and suggested that I should open up a thread here.

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In some sense these threads here are similar to this topic: Export Transaction List with more Information, More detailed statements

I fixed the thread title to differentiate this a bit from those existing threads.

But that one is primarily for personal account and as far as I understood is requesting details which would be a quality of life improvement, on some sense my thread is similarly quite a quality of life improvement, but primarily to ease the hassle of doing a tax report. I honestly would like to see both happening, but legal responsibilities before quality of life. Probably both ones should happen to cover GDPR requirement of having exportable personal data in a complete form.


Thanks. Good to know but as I said, it’s perhaps a good starting point and may point you in the right direction in any direct interaction with :r:
There’s another possibility for you to explore. There is a Revolut API Developer Community [here] I’ve tagged @SamuelDiethelm in case he has a view to share…


Also, company name and country are missing in the exported CSV, which are needed and cannot be found pretty easy, as you need to use some external most likely paid API. Could someone from Revolut join the conversation and answer whether there will be functionality for choosing what to export or at least include all required data by default.


Hello @gdgencehv :wave:,

Welcome to our community. Thank you for sharing your feedback for the betterment of our process. You can be rest assured that we read all the feedback. Please bear with us. :smiling_face:

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Thanks Jimmy,

I am also concerned about the clarity of R input for tax reporting. I do recall the pain and suffering when dealing with half-backed CSV files, with no clear ability to track individual trading fees or dividends. This was also my concern when jumping onboard.

Especially, the lack of API is a real concern. Gets me very worried about the next tax declaration (in any case, API or not, if the CVS file does not provide clear details this is the same…).

Let me know if you figure a decent solution. Or which accounting experts you used to figure, sometimes they are wiser. I see someone below from R team saying they read all comments - well, probably not good enough but let’s see.

Take care,


@SamuelDiethelm API Developer Community may be able to respond to your concern. I’ve tagged him for you.


Hello @nappy :wave: ,

Welcome to our Community. We understand your concern regarding the tax reporting.

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us! We really appreciate it. Rest assured, we will pass it along to our team for future reference. Stay tuned for more updates! :rocket:

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