CSV File contains 0xC2A0

The exported CSV contains 0xC2A0 after each numeric value. This makes it almost impossible to import the file in excel or google sheets.


If I may take a guess

I know, but this is unusable in import operations. I think can very well be omitted.

Not saying that it is absolutely necessary to include a Unicode character :slight_smile:

Should be easily fixable by Revolut.

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in the meantime you could delete them with editors like notepad++ f.e.

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Of course I delete them, but I rather skip this step. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I have kept away from Revolut for a few months in the hope they would sort this out. I came back and generated a CSV again today. Still the same! CSV stands for Comma Separated Variables. Revolut is using a semi-colon not a comma. So it’s not a CSV and doesn’t stand a cat in hell’s chance of getting imported into a financial management package.

I’ll come back in another 3 months…

C does stand for comma but that doesnt change the fact nobody cares about it :wink: . Particularly in Europe the separator is most of the times a semicolon (as the comma is already used as decimal separator)

Of course, I forgot that. The reason I have a multi-currency account in the first place is that I go to Spain a lot so I see those commas frequently. I hadn’t made that connection and it would also explain Fidor Bank doing it as they are German. Mind you they don’t even bother to translate their narrative fields from German!

Let’s be honest, it’s a nuisance having to export and import files at all. Most legacy banks have websites and Yodlee can do direct connection to avoid all this. Once APIs get a hold, the challenger banks should integrate with financial software too. I’ve only had to use CSVs since the app-only banks appeared.