Hi All,

I think Smartcash will be a great coin to be added to the Revolut app. It has a great community and helpful team. Smartcash allow you to gain smart rewards and you can also gain a smart node if you hold enough coins.
It has some great projects lined up. It’s a community based coin so as long as you hold 1 smart coin you can vote on projects and even make proposals.
Please check the smartcash website for further information.

Thanks for reading my post.

Hi there,

This coin is only ranked 58, I think if (or rather when) Revolut adds more coins, it will be probably those from the top 10, with a high volume and market cap.
Ripple is definitely coming, I think Monero would also be a smart choice. Stellar is personally something I keep an eye on, but Revolut will have already Ripple, and those two are in competition.

yeah true. But i do think smartcash has a lot to give and will definitely will be a top coin. I want to spread the word so everyone knows what smartcash is. Also want revolut to have it on there exchange.even if it comes after Ripple, monero and Stellar. :slight_smile:

but you can’t use crypto with revolut you only get a value reference reported to fiat that you can exchange forward and backwards, nothing else(like making withdraws or deposit into revolut, only fiat)
so…don’t get too excited about it

Also bear in mind that Revolut have partnered with Bitstamp for their Cryptocurrency offering which means that Bitstamp most likely have to offer the coin before Revolut can think about adding it.