Cryptocurrency payments?


Is it possible to pay for some products/services with BTC by using just Revolut? I mean, I noticed I can convert my funds to cryptocurrency but will I be able to transfer them easily to any other wallet?

Also, is it possible to make a crypto transfer but with providing desired value in real currency? Some online services require payments of exactly X USD dollars but accept only BTC as a payment method…

Holding crypto in :r: is the same as any other currency. You can use it to pay for transactions or :r: will use your crypto balance as payment if no other currency is available.
You cannot transfer crypto from :r: to an external wallet.

But payment with BTC actually means transferring funds to external wallet, isn’t it?

Nope you cannot pay with Bitcoins they will be exchanged to Fiat currency if you pay by card.

Unfortunately, at this stage, we cannot allow transfers to external wallets or for customers to transfer their existing crypto to the app.

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