Cryptocurrency for every account and payments

Hi. Have anybody heard when cryptocurrencies will become open for all users, not only to Premium accounts?

Also. I have understood that I can buy i.e. 1LTC (i.e. at 180$) and this LTC can be used when I purchase in shops. Assume that at the same time I have 100$ on my main account. Can I tell Revolut to use crypto money instead of money from my main account?

We’re gradually rolling it out to all our users over the next weeks for smother transition. Unfortunately, due to extremely high demand we’re not able speed up the process.

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AndreasK, will it be possible to tell which account to use for payment – ordinary money or crypto?

Useless as are hiding our wallet addresses. I just signed up for premium and now want a refund.

I require a Bitcoin wallet address allow paying in Bitcoin.

It is described several times that you dont know address and you do not get private key. you cannot withdraw and cannot deposit and you have risk when key not with you.

So, it is not useless. It is ok to buy small amount of crypto and use that crypto for payments, when price goes up. I.e. buy now LTC for 170$ and start using that LTC when price will come to 500$.