cryptocurrency exchange


I have started using Revolut for crypto buy & sell.

I have to say that so far I am really impressed with the simplicity, speed and rates. The feature that I would like is to be able to import/export to external wallets.

Can anyone tell me which crypto exchange partner Revolut uses to set their rates?




Thanks for the positive feedback! :pray: Good to hear as people usually come here to complain…

They are looking into the possibility, but it’s not decided yet, so there is no date.

They are partnered with Bitstamp.


Thanks for your prompt reply
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This same question was asked last night at #RevRallyCPH. Their answer to this is “In order to support this, we have to be a complete and regulated exchange”. So unless they can figure something out with Bitstamp this might be a long time in the future.


Right now, I can’t see a scenario how they could fully comply with KYC and money laundering regulation and offer anonymous top up methods for funds at the same time.