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I have set up a Revolut account because it was recommended for transfer of FIAT currency to crypto exchanges such as Coinbase. Within the app under Cryptocurrency it suggests you either pay for a Premium account at £6.99 per month or invite 3 friends to Revolut and you get access when they register. I have deposited money into my new account, do I really now have to spend £6.99 per month for this service?

Hey. You have misunderstood. You want to do a regular bank transfers to coinbase (sepa). The crypto currency feature allows you to buy from revolut. BUT read the limitations first as crypto bought from revolut can’t be send to an external wallet

Hi there. You can make a transfer out to Coinbase. Activate your personal EUR account first. Tap Accounts–>Top left icon–>Add Account–>Swipe left on EUR to activate it.

There are no external crypto transfers. At the moment you can buy, sell, transfer within Revolut! You can invite 3 friends or upgrade to Premium to get instant access. Otherwise, if you tap More–>Cryptocurrencies you will be in the queue and crypto will be unlocked for you soon.

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I thought that maybe I would be able to top up my card with bitcoin. Is this not possible? Otherwise I have to move the bitcoin to an exchange, sell it, transfer the money to my bank (which takes a week), then move the money to revolut. Quite a long process.

You can not transfer bitcoin in or out of revolut.