Cryptocurrencies - only Revolut


I can’t use Revolut for other cryptocurrency exhanges, but now Revolut started their own exchange … oh well.


You probably cant see the big difference.
You can hold crypto in revolut since you are verified user and the revolut`s crypto exchange partner works with verified users also. So basically there is verified source of this crypto money and no rules are broken.


I consider GDAX, Coinbase etc. as excellent, verified sources and would like to use my Revolut card with them. If my bank doesn’t have a problem if and when I use my cards with those exchanges, why does Revolut? And storing cryptocurrencies in the Revolut app? Do you get the private keys/seeds? Otherwise definitely not a good solution.


you are entitled to have a personal point of view.
For me, not having private keys and storing all my electronic money at one place is the best solution ever !

i also think, that cryptocurrencies will actually reach much more people when removing this “walls”.


There are differences between Revolut and “regular” banks. Verification, regulation, licensing … this might explain why some things work there but not here.


Well, let’s agree to disagree. Not having the private keys and not knowing what Revolut is doing during a fork is reason enough for me not to keep a single Satoshi within my Revolut account. I see the attraction for simplification, but I don’t think that cryptocurrencies are there yet. Just my 2 cents :wink:


It is important to note that failing to facilitate access to private keys is not incompatible with “storing all my electronic money at one place is the best solution ever !” and having a great user experience.

As has been said it is important to have access to the private keys because it allows one to manage forked coins without Revolut. I.e. bcash, btg and btd for example. This means that the value of these coins which revolut could/would otherwise pocket goes back to the users who own the currency.

Revolut should aim and work to make the keys available for those who want them.


Sepa payments to exchanges work well. Bought through Kraken today and have used several other exchanges. Cashing out via Sepa also works fine. I’m certainly interested to see how Revolut sets this up. Really weird that there are articles about the launch on Thursday everywhere except the Revolut website??


they’ve definitely done a poor/misleading job communicating this…