Crypto Vaults recurring top up in fixed Fiat amount

I love the ability to top up my Crypto Vault on a regular basis but it would be nice to select a fixed Fiat amount to top up instead of the crypto amount.
If I now set to top up 100 Dkk per week but the crypto rises 20% in a week I’m now topping up 120 Dkk instead of 100 Dkk.


Hi Bob,

Did you get an answer to this? I would also like the same functionality!


Hi Andy
No I never got a reply so I don’t know if it’s being considered.
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I have raised this request more recently in chat with support also but they didn’t commit to anything.

The main reason I wanted the crypto vault feature was specifically to set a recurring fiat investment amount. I was a little confused when I went to set up the crypto vault and I had to set the amount in the crypto value which seems like a completely backwards way of organising things.

Crypto are by their nature extremely volatile. Say for example I have set my vault to invest what is at the time a £50 weekly investment, then next week the value increases by 1000% (which is not unheard of) my commensurate investment in fiat would be £500 which could cause budgeting repurcussions. Unless I watch it like a hawk and make constant adjustments to the weekly investment amount.

For me, the whole point of a crypto vault is to enable a regular ‘setup and forget’ system where I know that predictable investments are being made on a regular basis at a set fiat amount. The amount of crypto purchased will vary depending on the market value but this avoids the stress of having to watch the crypto market, which is an absolute mad house, and having a regular set amount smooths out the peaks and troughs so over time your investments are made at the average amount. Without that you may as well set up buy triggers on the exchange which is something I don’t have time for.

I really hope they realize how important this setting is to make crypto investment tenable on this platform. I had to purchase a special account to access the crypto vault but the inherent unpredictability of having it backwards so you set the crypto rather than the fiat amount will most likely force me to cancel the account when that period expires.

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Credit where it is due the team at Revolut recently implemented this feature and I couldn’t be happier. It’s exactly the best way to buy crypto on a schedule and control the investment amounts in Fiat. Very happy! Good work team :+1: