Crypto rates not displaying in app


If I try to check any rate between two crypto currencies example ETH to BTC
graph doesn’t load for any longer time period than a recent day.


I have the same problem


Is a known bug , they said to me they are working on it :smile:


Yeah, they told me that too, 3 months ago…:thinking::crazy_face:


Updated. Still not working.


This problem still exists. This has been going on for several months.


This issue was reported on 1st December last year - that means this bug is nearly a year old!

That has to be a record even by revolut standards.

Crypto graph

Updated again but the version number stayed the same & guess what - graphs STILL not working.

Any chance of someone at Revolut explaining why they lied to their customers in their twitter statement 2 updates ago?:

Revolut (RevolutApp)

@Riussi Yes, we apologise for that. :+1: Our team is already working around the clock on a fix. Should be all OK with the next app release. :+1:


Rest assured that once we have an update we will let you know.