Crypto questions - ignore?

I used crypto just once with a couple of USD as I was curious.

I don’t intend on using it anymore but keep getting messages to answer those questions I have no idea about.

Can I just ignore them, need to answer them, or do I need to somehow close down my crypto functionality?


Same here, not sure I ever used revolut to trade crypto on their platform, was hoping they’d simply go away as I’ve no intention of using them to trade crypto or give them loads more personal data

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yeah hope nothing happens if I don’t answer them, just stops me from using crypto.

Hope someone else can give more info

I believe it just means you can’t use crypto until you’ve completed the questions, it’s part of KYC (know your customer) imposed by the regulator.

I’m not sure why people are so against providing genuine questions about your activity, all banks do it, they wouldn’t be able to trade otherwise.

No one’s concerned about answering genuine questions about their activity, Carl. But if I’m not wanting to trade crypto I don’t want to be constantly pestered to give details of my income, no other banks do that unless you’re investing.

Fingers crossed as we can’t be the only ones continually pestered for it. I’d be very surprised if they did anything if you don’t answer the questions as it’s only for trading purposes and no other bank asks that info for day to day use. Just be nice to stop the continual nagging for it.

Continually pestered in what way? If it shows up every day it’s because you’ve engaged and the regulator needs an update.

Hello @CJD @Steve-1 :wave: ,

Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with Crypto notifications. Have you tried adjusting those notifications from your profile? Simply click on your profile icon in the upper right corner and tap on ‘Privacy’, you will be able to adjust the crypto notifications. Hope this helps!

SG | Community Team