Crypto invites not working


Hi I have sent my Crypto link to friends and have 3 who signed up using my link. 2 have been tracked while 1 has not tracked. Why did this occur? Can I be give access to Crypto now?


I have had exactly this issue. The first two were immediately recorded whilst the third one has gone unnoticed.

I am waiting for access to Crypto!


Hi, I have exactly the same issue


Please feel free to send me a direct message with your phone number associated with your account so that I can help you out.


Can you please message me about the issue


Can you please send me a direct message about the issue too. I can’t start a direct message by myself


To send a direct message you have to wait 1 day after your 1st message and log out / log in to the the DM button in profile page.


i have the same issue, more than one friend created account via my link but i see just one. please send instruction how to solve it


Hey I’m also having the same trouble. I’ve had about 5 friends sign up but only 1 has been accounted for? I can’t seem to send a PM as a new user…


still not possible to send private messages. invites still not working…


I’m having the same issue. Friends have accepted the invitation link but only 1 has been tracked so I the cryptocurrencies feature is still locked. What can I do?


How to send private message?


Hello AndreasK, same problem here, 3 invites, all activated, no cryptocurrency function. Please help. Can’t send you messages as well…


Hi @AndreasK , I’m also suffering the same issue, I have signed up 3 people with my link, only the last is showing under my crypto invites. Please DM me.


Hi, same problem here Andreas, and I’m not able to send a message. If possible could you DM me to sort this out please.
Thanks for your help!


Same problem here, invited 3 people and I’m quite sure all of them did it (at least 2 of them are confirmed, one of them is my wife and another is a colleague who I taught how to deal with the app today - still waiting for the 3rd person’s answer). However, none of them shows up in Revolut’s app. Oh well Revolut, each day that goes by you look more like a traditional bank than anything else…


Same issue here, can you text me please?



Same for me. 2 out of 3 worked. One is missing out.

Can someone help please?


Same issue here.
How to send private message?


@AndreasK please write to me a private messages. I have same problem with friends invite. First 2 user invited complete but im invited 4…
Thanks a lot