Crypto graph


The graph is still not working.


Still doesn’t work. :frowning:
Any updates?


2 months later still not working and no answer from Revolut. Really not the best experience


Now using v5.17 & the graphs STILL don’t work.

It’s like Fidor all over again.


Now using v5.18. Graphs STILL don’t work.


mpat, it seems that their rate provider does not provide them with data for graphs.


Yes, I know - they’ve been saying that since the very beginning, over 3 months now. You’d think that they would make sure that the crypto graphs actually work before pushing them out wouldn’t you? Or at least fix it as soon as they realise they didn’t - finding a rates provider isn’t hard, they’re all over the web…:roll_eyes:


It is not that easy finding another provider. As the rates are different on each exchange. Revolut is using Bitstamp. I am sure they are trying to work it out or create their own solution (like every minute save the rate in their own database or something).


Yes it is, that’s what API’s are for.

Of course they are, that’s why they should use someone like who also have an API for this exact usage.

Which has never worked. So why use it to begin with.

For over 3 months? Really?


Buying / Selling works fine. Revolut uses BitStamp do fill orders.

Maybe, i don’t know. I guess they have a myriad of other things, that might take priority.

Sure, didn’t know about that site. Would make sense. Unless their pricing is ridicules.


We are not talking about buying/selling - we are talking about graph data.
That said however, if Revolut is using Bitstamp - why is the Revolut rate always at least $100 below the rate on the Bitstamp site?

It’s free I believe - as are most API’s.


Here’s the blog article about how Revolut gets it rates.

Most relevant bits:

To provide exposure to cryptocurrencies in a matter of seconds, Revolut has partnered up with a number of market leading exchanges.

These rates are computed as a Volume Weighted Average Price, before our 1.5% flat fee is applied. This means that we provide the average price of a currency pair that is exchanged over a certain period of time.

Revolut displays the rate with that calculation and fee factored in. It won’t be identical to any rate Bitstamp shows at a given time.


Please stop hijacking this thread about rates. This thread is about the crypto GRAPHS not working since it’s inception. GRAPHS.

Thank you.


Maybe I was dreaming, but I thought that they were working at launch for like two weeks…


I remember some graphs showing up (bitcoin), but I believe Ripple was never displayed.


It’s related, though.

The graphs for historic currencies Revolut is showing are the actual rates, not rates from some other sources. They are the Revolut rates. So they can’t just simply integrate Bitstamp’s stream. And like you mentioned, the rate you get on Bistamp is different, but Revolut’s rate is still correlated. The blog post explains the very difference you observed.


No. It isn’t - because the graphs don’t work & never have. This thread is concerning the non-working GRAPHS, nothing else.

Please, stop.


Graphs always display historic rates, so the direct relationship between how rates are built, where they come from and what sources are used seems obvious.

And, Revolut did indeed display some crypto rates when they first introduced crypto trading options. In fact, they displayed rates even before trading became available, as a teaser. You can search this forum for it.

It’s the second time you’re picking on me for going off topic when I am responding directly to topics you mentioned beforehand. If you don’t see how my comments are relevant, that’s fair. But you telling me what I should consider a helpful contribution in a public user community is not helping.


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