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The graphics of the rate for crypto currencies is not showing for a few weeks now…

Exchange rates - Can't load graph PHP DKK

Yep. Experienced same issue for a few weeks now


+1 For me the same. It just says graphic data can’t be loaded try again.


+1. Try again dose nothing


Same here - pressing “try again” has no affect either.


Same here, it would be nice if someone from Revolut would address this.


Was about to write about the same issue but apearently it has been reported.

Also convertion from crypto to real currency is always stucl at the same rate despite the world crypto rate changes. Why is that?


Revolut advertise their crypto exchange functionality as offering “the best possible exchange rate” - however, this is simply not the case. Comparing the Revolut exchange rates to rates at every online exchange shows that Revolut rates are significantly below those of other exchanges - weather this is due to the exchange rates & graph not updating or not I don’t know, as the graph data has not worked since I installed Revolut so I can’t compare, but this is a concern.
Traders rely on real time exchange rate updates & graph data, it’s a basic necessity, but the Revolut app has been unable to provide this functionality so far, which is dissapointing to say the least, especially as it’s their main advertising slogan.

@Revolut: Please address this issue & kindly provide some kind of statement as to why the app does not provide the basic functionality that is advertised.


When I asked customer service about the problem I have been told that “the fix should be released shortly”. That was a week ago.


Right. Thanks for the info - saves me waiting for hours on the app trying to get through to support…
Does anyone know how long this hasn’t worked for? I mean, it’s never worked for me & I’ve had Revolut installed for quite a few weeks now. Also, have the “best possible rates” always been so bad or is it just due to the updating bug?


Edit: Just installed the latest update (v5.7) - graph still not working…


Following. Very disappointing that this still isn’t working. It’s been broken for a while.


Hard to tell… When I saw this thread the first time it has not been working for 2/3 weeks already… I would say 4 weeks.


I’m seeing a lot of reports here about exchange rates not updating in different scenarious/screens - I’m beginning to think that this app is broken & has been for some time now. I get the impression that Revolut are trying to do too much while ignoring the basic fuctionality, which is disappointing. If the basics don’t work then neither will anything else.


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Does anyone @Revolut care about all these problems? Come on guys, get your act together.


Same here on iOS… and this has been an open issue for at least three different Revolut releases (since the new GUI). Given that some people have paid to use cryptocurrency features, it would be nice to have such fatures working properly.


+1 on Samsung Galaxy S7


I just installed another update (still v5.7) - the graph is still not working & rates are still not updating…

Still no response from “support”.

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Hi all. Unfortunately, our rates provider doesn’t provide us this data but we are working on an alternative solution. I will keep you posted.


Thank you for letting us know Andreas.


Now running v5.1 and still no graph or data…