CRYPTO for everyone! 🎉


Ok, but I’ve clicked on it the 04/04 when I opened my account, more than 14 days ago :frowning:


Hmm! I can see it active for you :slight_smile: Can you check again now?


I’m still waiting from February 17th when I first time loged to Revolut. Can you tell me what is the average waiting time?


It’s active for you too :wink:


It is! Thank you very much!


Thank You very much! :grin:


Hi @AndreasK ! Could you please be so kind to activate crypto for me as well?


Hi, could you activate for mine as well?

Help / Info

Hi @AndreasK ! I’m waiting since more than 2 weeks. Can you please unlock me too?


Guys could you please double check now if you can see the feature active? :slight_smile: