CRYPTO for everyone! 🎉


Yes I was reffering to new currencies. Thanks


Ripple coming soon :slight_smile:


This was announced 2 month ago, and still no indication of being in a queue or anything, I am still locked. Any reasons? Tks


Is there a reason as to why I do not have access to cryptocurrencies yet?


Hey @Specter :slight_smile:

Are you fully verified and clicked the cryptocurrency icon and so on? :confused:


Hey @Juliopp,

Yes, I’m fully verified and I have clicked the button but all I get is the two options to either upgrade to premium or invite 3 friends. I think I’ll drop a message in the support chat. Thank you.


Yeah, that’s what you should see. I guess that’s the wisest option :wink:


You can now activate crypto currency in the “more” tab in the app.


Got it, thank you!!!


I have the same problem, can you help me too? Thank you.


It’s already active for you.


It’s working now, thank you.


I have the same problem. Can you help me too?


One of my friends just registered, verified his account and did a top-up and he has the same problem as well. @AndreasK


It’s not a problem. Please ask you friend to hit the Crypto icon and he will be in the waiting list.



Read this thread. I am using Revolut app 4.16.0 and this seems to be the latest on Google PlayStore.
I used the More menu -> Cryptocurrencies but no response from the app would tell me I am in the queue. I see the Premium and Invite 3 friends offers only.

How is that? What should I do?


There’s no notification. You automatically enter to the waiting list by pressing the icon. :slight_smile:


I see. Thank you! :slight_smile:


Hi @AndreasK! I’ve clicked on the crypto button many times but I have no news about when cryptocurrencies will be activated for my account. Do you have any news?


Hey there! It can take up to two weeks :slight_smile: