CRYPTO for everyone! 🎉


I believe it’s Bitstamp.


We work with Bitstamp, an established, secure and trusted exchange licenced and regulated in Luxembourg.


Great, yes they’re a great exchange and one I’ve used for a while. I was just interested. Thanks for the reply.


Great thanks. Andreas just confirmed it :grinning:


Hi @AndreasK - Is there any fees when buying crypto and converting back to fiat currency on Revolut?

Also when will ripple be added?



No “fees”, but you might want to get familiar with how the rates are provided. The blog post about this is a good starting point.


That’s not the point - if you walked into a store that accepted BTC or ETH, you wouldn’t be able to pay with BTC or ETH.

You are still paying with EUR/GBP/USD/etc but that money is originating from selling part of your “Crypto” assets being held.

This is not paying with crypto, this is paying with Fiat that is created from selling crypto.


I Would like more, Xrp, xlm, Dash, xem, Steem…
Inside of the grap I would like to can delate any slected.


Exciting news :tada::tada:


Great news! I hope you have XLM in your list of crypto to add, it looks very promising.


Any response from ‘REVOLUT’ ?


Well said, an awkward place to be.



sorry if I’m repeating a question from earlier in the thread but is there a way of transferring cryptocurrencies to revolut and using them on the revolut card?

I ask because I have my own crypto trading bot and to be able to transfer the earnings to my revolut card would be useful.


You might want to check out Revolut’s blog post about their cryptocurrency offer.

Crypto can’t be transferred in / out externally. But funds in your Revolut crypto wallets are converted in real time when you want to make a payment with the card in any of the currencies that are supported for spending.


Hi there. At the moment you can buy, sell & transfer within Revolut! However, we’re looking into the possibility. Please note, we’ve communicated this long before we launched this feature


It was communicated, but in very veiled terms, and you market the whole thing as though a person can dander on down to café and pay for their daily flat white with Ethereum.

This is entirely not the case; you pay for your Flat White with Euro or Dollar or whatever other Fiat you have on the card but those funds simply originate from converting whatever ETH holdings are connected to the account into EUR immediately (I assume) prior to the transaction being completed.


So far very disappointed. It seems this was announced nearly a month ago now and still no indication of being in a queue or anything, still locked.

And the fact that you never actually receive any coin is even more irritating, this is spread betting on a derivative market, not an asset purchase. However you dress it up you are providing liquidity based speculative prices and not the underlying asset. Having a representation of a segment of your hedge pool is not the same as receiving the underlying assets that segment represents.

Also weekend gaps in historic pricing is not inspiring confidence either, do Bitstamp halt trading on weekends or something? Your smoothed line must be way off of actual prices during weekends.


Any new announcements coming with regards to adding cryptocurrencies ?


Hey Hilsey

Cryptocurrency is in the process or being unlocked for everyone! Just go to the “More” tab and tap on the icon. Then you will be in the queue.


And if you meant new currencies there is news for that too. Ripple will be coming in April.