Crypto Fees benefits for Traders


I would like to suggest something to increase the revolut metal user base. Having a reward when you generate crypto fees that would allow you to reduce the subscription cost. You get your monthly subscription discounted by half of the crypto fees you generate until it reaches zero.

Many users are not going to use revolut crypto because the 1.5% is really expensive compared to an exchange. I am using it a little though for convenience and fun and always think I started using Revolut to save on FX rates and now I give them a nice Crypto FX rate… and the income Rev is making with me is more than any other bank has done for a current account.

I’d also never trade a large amount of BTC on revolut because of the cost but I’d like to for convenience. It’d be good to cap the fees to make it more interesting. Something like 1.5% for the first £1000 then 0.5% above. Not sure why they are not trialing something like that on beta+metal customers users for instance to see if it drives more interests.