Crypto Currency Transfer


Is it in the roadmap for the crypto currency functionality to allow BTC, ETH and LTC to be deposited from external wallets and exchanges?

If the answer is yes, when is it expected for that functiononality to be available?



Hi Benji.

We’re looking into the possibility, however there are no solid plans yet. Stay tuned to our social media channels for any updates!

Send BTC/LTC/ETH to other wallets

This would be a great shame if not. The current functionality only allows for CFD style trading. The tax implications of realising any gains / losses before being able to do something with your currency is a major problem, and not being able to is it as a payment method or perform an internal transfer to friends or external transfer in/out without incurring a 1.5% each way charge, kinda makes the service pointless. As a UK investor, I’ll utilise the EUR local bank account details to make SEPA payments to an exchange like Kraken and deal from there. So I am happy to have this functionality at least, but can’t see you growing any significant crypto market with your current functionality for direct trading crypto. Its a shame, as could be a game changer if you could make it work. I used to use circle, and still have some btc sat with them before they stopped supporting it. This is a huge gap in the market.


I completely agree. If Revolut does not implement transfers to/from external wallets then their foray into crypto trading is 100% useless. What good is my BTC or ETH going to do if I can’t move it?!

I was of the impression that this was possible when I signed up. If it’s not implemented then I’ll cancel my card.


Cannot agree more.This functionality is essential, no doubt.


I agree without the functionality of being able to transfer, it’s useless.

  1. I would also like to ask how safe are cryptos here as I normally transfer to my hard wallet ?
  2. As Litecoin is due to fork today 18-2-2018 how will Revolut help us to claim our free Litecoin cash as it is x10 for every Litecoin we hold


I agree without the functionality of being able to transfer crypto to to revolut account, it’s useless.
Will be a huge deal for the community


I would be much happier if I was able to transfer to my hard wallet and be able to do what I want with my cryptos. I really don’t see much of a future in the crypto world for Revolut if this is not addressed.
This should be a priority or a great opportunity will be missed.


Surely this changes the legal situation too - if you never actually receive any coin it is a derivative instrument?


I totally agree if the customers have the ability to purchase crypto currency then being able to transfer it is a must I hope this can be implemented in the near future