crypto-currency referral link fails



I’ve sent my crypto-currency referral link to 2 of my friends who signed up using my link. Only 1 of them has been tracked.

Could you please see what’s wrong? I want to enable the access for the crypto-currency and keep making people notice your app and platform.

Thank you.


There is no need to do it. Crypto is opened for all. You have to just activate it… and wait until they unlock it for you.
Users report that it lasts a few weeks.
You can ask them for faster unlock via in-app chat.


Hello, I have the problem with cryptocurrency marketplace , I invite friend but revolut don’t track him where I must invite 3 friends…


Hello, I have the same problem, do my friends have to open a premium acount or they can open a standart one ?


Hi there. I have opened the account some times ago and top-up it for 200€. Unfortunately Crypto is still closed for me. Can you please open it for me. :clap:t2::v:t2:


You need to activate the crypto account